Photo—Pierre Toussaint, Los Angeles


Born in L.A., III is a creative concept and unisex label designed and directed by Helen Cauchi. III's signature is minimal with a masculine edge, evoking a strong, yet understated style.

A successful modelling career has provided invaluable experience of the fashion industry while the London College, Central Saint Martins, contributed the binding background in design.

III evolved as an extension of influences that reference art, architecture, photography, music, film, and travel. III jewellery is inspired by a street chic aesthetic that incorporates a contrast of tones through layering styles or, by wearing pieces minimally. We aspire our unisex pieces to be worn in a similar context to that of a boyfriend's tshirt, blurring the lines of masculine and femininity to create a modern expression of style.

The focus of our philosophy is ultimately longevity; 925 sterling silver accented by the highest quality plating, while strong lines fuse to produce a stylish and alluring statement.
III is for the man or woman who instinctively channels an edge.